Urban Muse Center Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with New York State, located in the New York metropolitan area.


Challenges millennials face include career development, earning a living wage, paying off student tuition, and finding affordable housing. Millennials in the fields of music and art — who lack the sense of financial literacy and job skills from their formal training — have a particularly difficult time navigating this professional landscape. A creative millennial might be highly skilled at their craft, yet struggle to find steady paying work. This challenge makes it difficult to pay their bills, start a family, or pursue the American Dream of homeownership. Many millennials from this group are living below the poverty line after having borrowed money to earn a degree, only to graduate and find very few jobs where they can apply their skills to repay their student loans.
A healthy and inclusive society should have opportunities for millennials to choose to be a musician or artist. Musicians and artists are equally as important to society as bankers or other professionals. Music can enhance the quality of life in a community through education, entertainment, and outreach. Support for music and musicians is a vital component of a healthy local economy. Music education should be readily available since it has been proven to help children and adults develop critical thinking and other professional skills that can enhance one's career prospects.

We provide music education for the community, and career services for classical and jazz musicians that include grant writing, financial planning, and concert proposals. We implemented a business plan for underprivileged students to subsidize their music education. We fundraised money to organize concerts featuring women and minorities.

Urban Muse Center Inc. is redefining the parameters of a community through interdisciplinary collaborations. Recognizing newly discovered, shared common goals that create an enhanced sense of community and new opportunities for personal and professional development. Encourage placemaking with a creative infrastructure that promotes cultural activities, local businesses, diversity, music, art, and design.